(Samantha Cronk, Singer & Songwriter)

“The creative process is something that we cannot tap into unless we are open, exposed, raw, vulnerable… The gift we receive in return, when we are able to let all of our walls crumble, is a masterpiece. There are many things I do in effort to channel this ingenuity, but at the top of my list is cracking open a bottle of Jarales wines’ Gewurztraminer. On a hot day in Austin (which is basically everyday) this wine offers a crisp and cool quench to my thirst AND to my creativity. The subtle notes of citrus inspire notes onto a page. The wine flows, the music flows, and life is good again.”

(Dustin, Austin, Texas)
An American Wino Member

“My favorite way to enjoy a smooth bottle of Jarales Wines Rojo Peligroso is with a little bit of famous Texas Salt Lick barbecue.”

(Alicia Thornock)...with the girls

“We enjoyed our great time together with our family and friends at Redfish lake and your Rojo Peligroso made it all that more special. We would recommend it to anyone wanting to assure their time together is memorable”