Baco Noir

Baco Noir is a wine that is pretty much exclusive to the soils of North America. It is extremely aromatic, and dark, thus you’d expect something that’s rich and complex. Instead, it’s a fruity mid-bodied wine that’s highly acidic and low in tannin. It also has a bit of smoke to it.

Pair with tomato sauce based dishes well too. Any sort of rich meaty tomato based sauce spread upon grilled meats, or part of a hearty pasta dish. For a true Baco Noir treat, serve it with homemade pizzas that are heavy on the tomato sauce and pepperoni.

Technical Data


White Zinfandel

Whimsical celebration for all occasions, people, moments, and seasons, this semi-sweet, medium-bodied rose’ boasts an understated passionate swirl of strawberry, raspberry, and berry flavors in a nice, long, soothing finish. Wonderful complement to any meal or dessert, or simply by itself.

Pair with pork, fish, seafood, turkey, ham, salads, alfredo, omelets, or anything!

Technical Data

Alcohol: 15%
Residual sugar: 0%
TA: 7.0
pH: 3.35
Serving Temp: 55-60 F